Here are the answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions…

Q – How much does Write Now! cost?

A – Currently, the introductory investment for the Write Now! experience is $249. Future iterations of the program will be priced higher.

Q – Is there a payment plan?

A – Currently, no payment plans are available.

Q – I can’t attend the live sessions at the date/times posted. Will there be a recording available?

A – Recordings of the live sessions will not be made available to students. The nature of this experience requires a student’s live participation. Attendees will only benefit from interacting with the writing coach and other students to get hands-on and specific help for their book. Watching or listening to a recording of others receiving help with their books won’t benefit the non-participating watcher. If you are unable to arrange your schedule to be present for all sessions, signing up is not advised.

Q – Will I be able to finish writing my book in a month (during the 4-week course)?

A – If finishing your book manuscript within 4 weeks is your goal, that is possible. You will need to plan your time outside of the class accordingly and likely commit to an agressive writing schedule. However, it is not the intent of the course to promise 100% completion of a manuscript within the 4-week class timeframe. This class promises to aid students in making significant progress in their book during the four weeks together, however, the individual defines “significant” for themselves.

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered?

If you have more questions about the Write Now! experience, please use the Contact page to reach out. Be sure to indicate your question is related to the Write Now! group coaching class. Your email will be responded to within one business day.