Confidently Write Your Business Book In A Matter Of Weeks By Having Actionable Steps, Professional Coaching, And Group Accountability!

Do you want to write a book that truly helps people and influences your industry?

Are you convinced that a book can help build your brand and attract new opportunities into your business?

Does it seem like EVERYONE in your professional circle has written a book? 

And now, they’re showing up as a guest on the hottest podcasts. They are a panelist on at least five virtual events a week.  They are getting featured on major TV networks!

And you’re left saying to yourself, “That could be me too if only I had a book!”

You are absolutely right… that could and SHOULD be you!

So why isn’t that you?

Why haven’t you written your book yet? 

Are you worried that you’ve never really considered yourself a good writer?

Are you wondering if people would even buy your book or think it’s interesting? 

Do you have so many ideas in your head that you’re not sure which one to pick or what will reel in a flood of clients and attention? 

And besides… who in the world has time to write a book? You already have a demanding schedule. How can you possibly squeeze in time for such a monumental task?

With The Right Help, You Can Overcome Your Roadblocks, Start Writing Your Book, And Complete Your Manuscript!

If some or all of these exact thoughts have been flooding your mind, driving you crazy, and keeping you stuck, take a deep breath right now!

You are not alone!

I’ve talked to dozens of business owners and high-level professionals like yourself who have wrestled with the same fears. And there IS a way out.

I know this because I’ve been able to help them overcome their concerns, break through their mental barriers, and helped them to write their books!

Hi, I’m Denise Renee… business book ghostwriter, editor, and writing coach. 

I work with executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and speakers like yourself who want to leverage the power of writing a book that helps them grow their business. 

Stop Missing Out On Precious Opportunities To Expand Your Brand’s Reach!

If you feel that not having a book is holding you back, I totally get it! 

It’s hard to escape modern conventional wisdom which says a book is the new business card. 

But if the idea of sitting down to write a book that is designed to transform other’s lives and businesses, as well as your own, has you drawing a blank like a fresh Google Doc, I may have a way to help you. 

Just imagine what it would feel like to sit down to write your book:

  • Knowing you are writing on a topic your target readers are actually interested in.
  • Having a clearly defined roadmap to completing your manuscript in a matter of weeks.
  • Knowing exactly what to put in your book that results in new clients and opportunities. 
  • Having your own writing mentor share professional writing tips to make the process easier.

Would having all of that give you the confidence to finally write your book? 

What if you could get all of that in just six focused weeks?

If you knew that in about 45 days, you can give your manuscript a quantum leap forward, would you take the first steps towards writing it now?

If your answer is yes, then let me show you a pathway to shape your thoughts from a nice idea into a ready-to-publish book.

That pathway is called the WriteNOW! Book Writing Mastermind!

In Six Short Weeks, Your Manuscript Will Make A Quantum Leap Forward!

WriteNOW! is a live, six week, intimate group learning, implementation, and accountability experience for up to 10 professionals who want to write a business book. 

During the six weeks, WriteNOW! Mastermind cohort members:

  • Get clarity on their book’s target audience. 
  • Learn how to structure a client-attracting book.
  • Pick one of the three most successful business book formats to model that’s right for their project.
  • Develop an outline for their content.
  • Practice using pro-level hacks to make writing easier.
  • Obtain a tool for crafting a “killer” book title.
  • Receive expert “hot-seat” coaching as they build the foundation for their book.
  • Benefit from peer review and feedback. 
  • Create a writing schedule and a customized roadmap for finishing the book in the weeks following their cohort experience.
  • Pocket several hours worth of bonus training and resources for their book writing and self-publishing journey.

If you commit to yourself, show up, and do the work, you WILL have a completed manuscript in just a few short months.

As a member of the next WriteNOW! Book Writing mastermind cohort, I walk you and up to nine of your peers through the very same process I take my private 1-on-1 book writing coaching clients through.

Here’s what some of them have to say. (Insert testimonial quotes)

Here Is What The WriteNOW! Experience Looks Like…

When you are accepted into the next WriteNOW! Book Writing Mastermind cohort, these are the learning experiences I will guide you through which will help you produce your book: 

    • You’ll understand the right mindset you need to have for the book writing and self-publishing journey.
    • You will set realistic expectations for your writing process and your results.
    • You will solidify your topic and define your target audience. 
    • You will establish and commit to a writing schedule.
    • You will have time on the “hot seat” to have your specific questions addressed by me and receive input from your peers. 
    • You will learn about the top three successful business book styles and pick which one you will model
    • You will create the first iteration of your outline.
    • You will acquire the tools you need to avoid “writer’s block.”
    • You will have time on the “hot seat” to have your outline in progress reviewed.
    • You will finalize your outline.
    • You will transform your outline into a tool which sets up your writing sessions for success.
    • You will have time on the “hot seat” to receive individualized guidance on your outline. 
    • You will mind-map further sub topics for your outline.
    • You will learn how to write a title for your book that will help you sell your book to your target reader. 
    • You will learn how to keep your audience reading from the first word to the last
    • You will begin working on one of the chapters in your book.
    • You will have time on the “hot seat” to receive feedback on your working title.
    • You will actively put together everything you have learned to this point and complete two chapters.
    • You will have time on the “hot seat” to work through whatever writing challenges you are experiencing. 
    • You will learn and use pro-level self-editing software and techniques.
    • You will get guidance on picking the right editing partner to work with.
    • You will create your customized roadmap for completing your manuscript in three to five months.
    • You will have time on the “hot seat” to ask questions about your writing process to date and receive feedback on 

WriteNOW! is delivered with a combination of:

  • Pre-recorded lessons which are accessible during the week it is needed.
  • Worksheets and assignments you’ll need to prepare before the next live session.
  • Weekly two-hour live interactive sessions.
  • Access to additional videos, articles, and mini-courses to supplement your learning.  

Your book is not going to write itself… you have to write it!

But if you have been wondering, “How will I get this done?” WriteNOW! just might be your “how.”

Is WriteNOW! For You?

Now I’m going to be brutally honest: everyone isn’t ready for this experience.

For one thing, you’ll need to be absoluly conviced that writing a book is the best next step for your brand.

You’ll need a red-hot burning passion for getting your book into the marketplace this year.

You have to be 100% dedicated to writing your book NOW.

Because the reality is “life” will happen. Your schedule will get crazy. Other demands will beg for your attention and steal your writing time if you let it.

Participating in WriteNOW! will require that you commit to:

  • Having a “no excuses” mindset.
  • Dedicating at least one hour a day most days of the week to do the work.
  • Watching all pre-class video lessons before the live sessions.
  • Completing all assignments before the live sessions.
  • Showing up to the live sessions to receive your personalized guidance in a group setting.
  • Actively engaging with your peers in providing them with useful feedback.

If you don’t check all those boxes right now, no worries. Come back when you do.

But if you’re practically jumping out of your seat saying, “I’m ready now!” then answer these next two questions for yourself:

#1 – Does WriteNOW! sounds like the step-by-step guidance for writing a book you’ve been praying for?

#2 – Are you both nervous and excited about the external accountability that is bundled into the experience?

Then you, my friend, should apply now to be considered for admittance into the next Book Writing Mastermind cohort!

When you click the “Apply” button, you will answer a few questions and schedule a time to speak with me. 

During our 20-minute conversation, you can ask me all your questions about the program. I will ask you questions to uncover your readiness for the experience.  

Most importantly, together we will determine if your participation now is a fit.  If the answer is yes, you will be invited to secure your space with a deposit. 

How Much Does WriteNOW! Cost?

At this point (if not before),  I’m sure you are saying, “This all sounds great, Denise Renee, but how much does WriteNOW! cost?”

That’s a totally fair question and I have no problems being transparent. But before I answer your question, let me ask you this…

What would participating in an experience like WriteNOW! be worth to you?

I really want you to think about that.

What if, after your book is published, you were able to close 5, 15, or 25 more new clients within the first few months of its release? How many thousands of dollars would that increase your revenue by?

How would your credibility be impacted if you are featured on media outlets such as The Huffington Post, Fox, or The Wall Street Journal as a result of your book? Those endorsements are priceless, aren’t they?

Once your book starts opening doors to speaking engagement or requests for corporate consulting, how much more will you be able to charge for your services?

Take a moment to give your best, low-ball estimate of how much new revenue your business or brand could generate within 6 months, once you are actively promoting your book.  

Seriously. Come up with an actual number.  Is it $5,000? Is it $15,000? Is it more?

Now I can not guarantee how many copies your book will sell or how many clients you will actually acquire from your book because there are simply too many variables which will affect your results. 

But you know you. You know your work ethic and what you are prepared to do to ensure your book is successful on your terms. And you know the power of being considered an author.

So would you consider it reasonable to invest just a small fraction of your potential new revenue into your WriteNOW! experience today if you know you plan on earning your low-ball estimate back and more?

If you are nodding your head yes right now, then you may find WriteNOW!’s investment of $997 worthwhile. Keep in mind your investment will secure for you:

  • Six weeks of pre-recorded instruction and live interaction with an experienced business book ghostwriter and writing coach.
  • Step-by-step guidance picking your topic, creating your outline, crafting your title, and writing your first few chapters. 
  • A customized roadmap for completing the first draft of your manuscript in about 90 days after the cohort experience ends. 
  • Invaluable feedback from other professionals going through the process with you. 

But I have even better news for you. 

Although $997 is the regular investment, for a limited time, you can secure your spot in the next WriteNOW! Book Mastermind cohort for just one payment of $697 or two payments of $399.

Please note that payment is not due right now. It will only be requested when you have been invited to join the next cohort. 

I simply wanted to be transparent about the investment before you applied.

So your first step in the process is to apply so you can confirm this is the right experience for you at this time. 

Click the “Apply To Join WriteNOW!” button and I will talk to you soon!