Take a small but critical 1st step on your book writing journey...

If you’ve watched any of my recent videos, I’m sure you’ve heard me say “#WriteYourBookTips at least 3 times in each one!

But what exactly do I mean by that? What is “#WriteYourBookTips?”

In episode 4 of The WriteYourBookTips daily show, I explain. “Write Your Book Tips” has 5 differerent meanings. 

Here they are!

Have you searched for #WriteYourBookTips on your favorite social media platform yet? Did you enjoy what you found? 

Let me know in the comments.


As a ghostwriter and writing coach, Denise Renee helps executives and entrepreneurs write books that attract business opportunities. Connect with her at http://facebook.com/writeyourbooktips or at http://linkedin.com/in/meetdeniserenee.

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