More than a book. More than a site.

The brainchild of Ghostwriter and writing coach Denise Renee, “Write Your Book” is the name of her book series, the name of this site, the name of a community of professionals and a movement, all rolled into one!

Denise Renee

Our Story

A professional writer since 2001, Denise Renee began helping business owners with their books in 2017. Read more of her story HERE.

An avid networker, Denise Renee crosses paths with many executives and entrepreneurs who want to write books which they could leverage to attract more business opportunities. However, not everyone she meets can afford to hire a ghostwriter.

After repeating this scenario, Denise Renee’s giving nature kicked in.

“How can I help more people who might not be able to afford me?” She asked.

The answer came in the form of an idea for a series of books. The vision then expanded to creating a space where DIY professionals can learn more about how to improve their writing, how to successfully produce and publish their books and how to effectively market their books so that they can achieve all the goals they set for themselves and their book projects.

Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond!

Today you can experience a portion of Denise Renee’s vision. The blog dispenses much of Denise Renee’s time-tested writing wisdom.

She and her team curates and shares valuable writing, self-publishing, and book marketing gems from her favorite learning sources on the Facebook Page and inside of the Facebook group.

Denise Renee also brings industry experts together to share their knowledge with the #WriteYourBookTips community via online and in-person learning events.

Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a unique professional membership experience as well as learn more from Denise Renee via live and on-demand courses.

Be sure you stay connected with us on Facebook and through our email list (we have an awesome tool to give you for free in exchange for your email address! 😉 ) This way you’ll always know what’s currently happening in the community.

Got Questions? We Got Answers!

Would you like to connect with Denise Renee to inquire about services, book her to speak at your next event, or have anything you’d like to share? Then please use the form below to contact her and the team. Somone will respond to your form submittal by the next day, Sunday’s excluded.