Book VIP Strategy Day

A Customized Roadmap For Writing Your Book

Do you have a flurry of ideas for a book in your head?  Are you having a hard time figuring out which idea to run with or what direction your content should take? Have you started writing but are constantly stopping yourself because you’re worried what you’re writing won’t make sense to anyone else?

The Book VIP Strategy Day is designed to help you get clear on your content and to provide you with the tools you need to confidently complete your manuscript within a few months. This strategy session is included in our Writing Coaching and Book Ghostwriting services.

What’s Included In a Book VIP Strategy Day

  • A pre-service questionnaire
  • 6 continuous hours of brainstorming time with Denise Renee (online, in-person in Atlanta or in-person at your location)
  • 3 complimentary hours of follow-up phone conferences (to be used within 3 months)
  • MP3 recordings of all sessions
  • Documentation of ideas discussed in the main session

What You’ll Leave the Session With

  • Clarity around the main idea and content of your book
  • Potential ideas for subsequent books
  • Clearly defined goals you wish your book to accomplish for your brand or business.
  • Your book’s target market identified
  • An outline of your book’s content, including suggested chapter titles
  • At least 3 potential titles of your book
  • Writing hacks and strategies that will keep you engaged and committed to the process of writing (doesn’t apply to ghostwriting clients)
  • Preliminary suggestions for marketing your book once it’s published. This may include (but is not limited to):
    • On and Off-line marketing strategy suggestions
    • PR strategy suggestions
    • 3rd party book publication and marketing resource recommendations

Do you have questions or want to speak with Denise Renee before you book this session? Contact us to schedule a pre-service consultation.

Pick Your Session

How would you like to meet? You have three options to choose from:

  • Online via a video conference
  • In-person in Atlanta, GA
  • On location in your city located within the contiguous United States

Pricing is as follows:

  • Online – one payment of $2,500.00 or two payments of $1,350.00
  • Atlanta – one payment of $3,500.00 or two payments of $1,850.00
  • On-location – one payment of $5,500.00 or two payments of $2,900.00

The in-person in Atlanta and your city options include a continental breakfast and a catered lunch. Pricing for the on- location in your city option already includes my travel expenses.

Make a Payment and Next Steps

Ready to move forward and schedule your Book VIP Strategy Day? Make your selection below. After your payment processes, you will be directed to fill out our pre-service questionnaire. It can take up to 30 minutes to complete.

If you select any of the two-pay options, please note the second payment will automatically bill 25 days from the date you make the deposit.

All payments must be completed in full prior to the scheduled date of our 6-hour session. Please note that making a payment constitutes your acknowledgment of and agreement with our Terms of Service.

or select the Online – 2pay option

or select the Atlanta – 2pay option

or select the Your Location – 2pay option

Is a Book VIP Strategy Day outside of your budget? Consider booking an Anytime Consulting Session with Denise Renee.