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How To Start Writing Your Book TODAY!

It All Started With A Killer Title

I hadn’t yet made my third right turn, and Kimberly already had my sides hurting. 

“Girl, you fid’na drop me off to work.” 

There was a hint of Arkansas in her accent. 

“Just thinking about it, I already need a drink!” We both busted up with laughter.

It was a typical “Hot-lanta” day in September 2017. I was a few months into working in my business full-time as a ghostwriter. We met as I was Ubering in between projects. 

Dressed for comfort, Kimberly hopped into my back seat with a big duffel bag and an even bigger personality that matched my own. 

We clicked instantly.

“What do you do for work?” I asked through my chuckling. 

“I’m a nanny. I work with kids all day and sometimes I don’t know who’s behavior is worse… the kids, or their parents!” She cracked her own self up. 

“Who have you worked for, if you don’t mind me asking?” It was easy keeping the conversation ball bouncing between us.

“Oh, some football players, singers, reality TV stars, some high profile business people. You’d know them if I told you their names,” she casually tossed back. 

“I bet you have some stories to tell!” I offered. 

“OH MY GOODNESS!” She blurted out suddenly. 

“Is this you? Do you really help people with books?”

Kimberly abruptly interrupted our conversation because she had just taken notice of the flyer with my picture I had hanging behind my front row seats. 

“Um, yeah.” I fessed up. “I’m a ghostwriter.  I help people write their books.”

“OH. MY. GOD! This ride was meant to be!  Do you know I’ve been trying to write a book for years now and I was just saying to myself I need somebody to help me?  And here you are!” 

If the door wasn’t closed, Kimberly might have bounced right on out of my car from excitement. 

“What’s your book about?” I perked up with interest. I can’t lie: I was both genuinely interested and secretly wondering if this conversation could potentially end up in a contract. 

“Well, I have these things I call “Codes.” It’s so that kids will know how they are supposed to be behaving so that you don’t have to discipline them too much. I’ve got a crazy title for the book!  Wanna hear it?”

“Lay it on me.”

“OK! It’s called… wait for it! The Drinking Nanny!”

“The WHAT??”

“You heard me!! I said The Drinking Nanny!”  She full-belly laughed. “Your reaction is exactly what I want people to do when they hear it!”

Impressed with her concept, I responded:

“I tell you what… that is an amazing, attention-grabbing title! It’s going to go a long way towards selling your book!” 

And guess what?

About 19 months later – after working with her to complete her manuscript and encouraging her to be patient during her publishing company’s thoroguh editing process – Kimberly’s book ranked #1 in its category on

Kimberly’s book hit #1 on the charts!!

(I came up with the subtitle, by the way!) 😉

This happy ending had its beginning with a great book idea and a killer title.

Stick with me. Because I’m about to show you how you can take the same first step Kimberly did and create your own happy ending for your book writing journey!

Why Do You Want To Write a Book?

I know you’ve heard that a book can attract more money and opportunities into your business or career. 

In fact, you’re probably reading this now because, like Kimberly, you’ve had an idea or two (or seven!) for a client-attracting book in your head for a while.

Problem is, your book has been languishing in the idea phase or has been petrified in the sticky mental amber known as writer’s block.

If you want to get in gear, you need to think about all the reasons why writing a book is important to you, your business, or career.

Maybe you’re looking to attract more pre-qualified leads and close more high-ticket sales with your book.

Perhaps you want to use your book to help launch a new or grow an existing speaking career. 

You may be looking for your book to help build your profession brand within your field, or you are hoping to land more consulting and partnership opportunities. 

Maybe you’ve secretly always wanted to write books from the beach and live in semi-retirement.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to write your book, keep this in mind: you’ll NEVER get to your goals for your book UNTIL you actually write your book!

Sounds elementary, I know, But it is a hard truth you need to grasp firmly. 

You have to get out of your head. And out of your own way.

You must move from “thinking about it” to “doing it.” And the only way is to start taking real steps towards writing your book.

And I’ve got the perfect “baby step” you can start with!

Why You Should Get Started Writing Your Book NOW!

Your daily life is no doubt crowded with work, family, and community obligations. 

I totally get it. 

But the “perfect time” to write your book will never magically appear on your calender. You must be intentional about making room in your world for giving birth to your book.

Believe me: I know first hand how difficult it can be to dedicate time and energy to those big projects we believe will cause a significant change to our business or personal lives.

And I also know there could be plenty of fears which may be stopping you from moving forward with writing your book. 

Regardless of why your book isn’t finished right now, keep in mind that more leads, more closed sales, more speaking, consulting and partnership opportunities are on the other side of your completed manuscript. 

Writing a book is no small feat. (I know because I ghostwrite other people’s books and blogs for a living!)

But in the end, the rewards are priceless!

As the saying goes, “a journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step.” 

So if you’re open to taking a baby step on your book writing journey, I’d like to invite you to join the #WriteYourBookTipsChallenge during May 2019. 

How the #WriteYourBookTipsChallenge Will Help You Jumpstart Your Book!

Sometimes, a good “kick in the pants” is what we need to get the ball rolling on our most important goals. 

Consider the May 2019 #WriteYourBookTipsChallenge your book project’s kick! This challenge is your personal jumpstart to writing (or completing) your book. 

I don’t know about you, but something turns on in me when I’ve been challenged. 

I just want to do everything it takes to achieve the goal, win the prize, or prove someone’s opinion about me to be wrong.

And I bet you’re kinda the same way. That’s why I created the #WriteYourBookTipsChallenge just for you. 

You’re welcome! 😉

Here’s what the challenge boils down to:

#1 – You’ll write a killer book title for your book idea like Kimberly did. 

#2 – You’ll share your title with the community on Facebook.   (Don’t worry, I’ve got a fantastic tool to help you easily pump out several great book title options!)

#3 – You’ll feel like a winner because you’ll have a fantastic title in hand, plus the motivation and momentum to keep writing until you’re finished. BUT… one lucky person who comes up with the best title (think you can top “The Drinking Nanny” for grabbing attention and piquing interest?) will win an actual, pretty awesome prize.

Want in?

Get all the details and accept the challenge here –


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