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It’s not enough to do great work. You also need to look good “on paper” so you can sell your skills to your next employer.

I started my writing business in 2014 helping people with their resumes. Even though my business is now focused on helping people write their books, I still receive referrals and continue to write resumes for clients.

Since I no longer actively market my resume services, I created this page to give you a brief introduction to me, to provide you with free resume tools and to introduce my resume services to you.

Free Resume Writing Resources

Do you want to try updating your resume on your own? Here is a listing of articles, videos, and a free download I created a few years ago that can help you on your journey.

A Summary of My Resume Writing Services

Here is a listing of the resume services that I offer and the investment required. Click the highlighted text for more detailed information and to initiate that service.

  • Resume Review (an evaluation of your current resume) – $97
  • Resume Revision (get coached on how to revise your resume) – $225
  • Resume Rewrite (Denise Renee rewrites your resume for you) – $375
  • Resume Reconstruction (suite of resume rewrites) – $900
  • Resume Reconstruction LUXE(suite of resume rewrites PLUS) $1,300
  • LinkedIn Profile Review (an evaluation of your current profile)– $97
  • LinkedIn Profile Rewrite (Denise Renee rewrites your profile) – $300
  • Resume Rewrite + LinkedIn Profile Rewrite – $625 (a $50 discount off both services)
  • Cover Letter Review (an evaluation of your current cover letter) – $97
  • Custom Cover Letter Template (Denise Renee creates it for you) – $300
  • Interview Preparation (90 minutes, live, via Zoom, recording provided) – $250
  • Professional Bio – $375

Resume Samples

To see examples of resumes I created for other clients, click on a link below.

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