You may not be ready to write your book yet!

What Your Result Means

Based on your answers, it seems like you may not be quite ready to write and self-publish your book just yet. 

But no worries because all isn’t lost!.

Your answer choices reveals that you may have a few misconceptions about what it takes to write and produce a book. You shoulnd’t feel bad about this because it’s probably not your fault. There are SO many gurus, coaches and sites around the internet that are constantly pumping out conflicting book writing and self-publishing advice. It’s a wonder that anyone becomes a published author these days!

But by simply filling in a few information gaps, you can be well equipped to put a high quality book into the marketplace. That means you’re actually in a great place! You get to start – right here and right now – building on the info you need to ignite the fuel for your writing journey.

To kick off your learning, here are five steps you can begin taking now to help you get ready to publish your book.

Top 5 Action Steps To Take So You Can Get Ready To Write Your Book

The most important place to start as you get ready to write and self-publish your book is to develop the right mindset about what you’re about to get into. 

Because you have found your way to this content, you are very likely interested in writing a book because of the benefits it can potentially bring to your personal or business brand.

As such, it’s important that your first step is to begin viewing your book as a business. If you want business results, then you have to take a business approach from the inception of your project, long before you write your first word.

The second step you should take in your preparation process is to take a deep dive into self-publishing. Investigate what your options are . Know what kind of support you will need throughout the process. You don’t want any surprises down the road. 

Your third step is to prepare to invest in the writing of your book. Most people are aware they need to invest in the production of their book (cover art, layout, and printing) but there are more aspects of your book that are equally worth the investment. 

Step four should be to prepare to market your book. If you assume book sales will magically happen via word of mouth, without properly planning your marketing strategy, you are almost guaranteed to be disappointed with the results. 

Finally, in step five, you should research service providers who’s help you’ll need throughout the process. To that end, you should have a good understanding of what qualities to look for so that you make the best choice for your project and your budget. 

There you have it, your 5 recommended steps to help you get ready to write your book.


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