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What Your Result Means

Congratulations! Based on your answers, it seems that you have the right ideas when it comes to writing a book that will help you build your business or personal brand. 

You likely see book writing as a long-term branding strategy. You’re probably not in it just to try and make a few quick bucks. You see writing your book as part of your legacy. As such, you are aware that you need to invest in the writing and production of your book because you intend to put out a high quality product in the marketplace. 

That’s awesome!

You are ready to commit the appropriate amount of time, energy, and money into making your publishing dream a reality. You’ve probably already done your homework and have priced out some of the essential services you’ll need.

Good stuff!

Although you have a great handle on the basics, there are a few other areas you may want to look into before you leap from the starting blocks on your book writing journey. As such, here are five steps you should consider taking next.

Top 5 Action Steps To Take Now That You’re Ready To Write Your Book

The process of writing a book can be a very emotional, whether fiction or nonfiction. Some writers find themselves stuck after just a few weeks and they don’t understand why. 

The first step new authors should take before launching a project is to examine their mindset or the feelings they have about writing. Sometimes would-be authors are harboring hidden fears or negative thoughts which can undermine their book’s progress. 

The second step to take is to begin building up an audience of potential readers of your book. It may sound counter intuitive, but it will benefit you in the long run. The audience you develop can help you craft content that they’ll clamor to buy. With their input, you can confidently release a book into the marketplace knowing there is already a demand for it. 

Step three should be to plan your writing content. Hopefully, you don’t view creating an outline as a restriction on your creativity. Quite the contrary. Outlining your book’s content can give you incredible freedom throughout the writing process. 

Your fourth step should be to eliminate your reliance on “inspiration” or “motivation “ to write. Developing a writing discipline (that is bolstered by your outline) will help you cross the finish line of completing your manuscript. 

Your fifth and final step should be to develop a system that will help you stay focused throughout the writing process. You don’t want to pitter out or pause in the middle of your manuscript due to life happenings. If you are prepared for this pitfall, it’s highly likely that you’ll avoid it.

There you have it, your 5 recommended steps.


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