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Top 3 Fears to Overcome So You Can (Finally) Write Your Book

I’ve networked and spoken with many professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs who have shared with me a desire to write a book. 

Are you one?     

Do you have an excellent idea for a book? Do you have a methodology or system to share that is poised to help a lot of people or turn your industry on its head? 

Are so many ideas and thoughts swirling around in your head that you don’t know where to start? Have you started but gotten stuck?

I’ve heard all the above and more so many times that I started to see a pattern. Ultimately, I realize that fear is usually the emotion that is hindering you from completing your manuscript.

But fear not! This article explores the three most common fears I hear a lot and will provide you with some mindset hacks you can use to overcome them and finally write your book!

(A note about this video: On January 1, 2019, I participated in the WeRock 24hrs Empowerment Marathon. It was an audio conference, but I recorded my participation as a Facebook Live. I’ve edited it down to the essential stuff. Enjoy!)

Fear #1 – I’m Not A “Real Writer”

Our society tends to put professional writers and published authors up on an academic and social pedestal. Traditional publishers are picky so being offered a publishing contract is nothing to sneeze at. Also, a lot of people think the only ones who can call themselves a writer should have been validated by having a Bachelors or Masters of Fine Arts in Writing, a journalism or (at the very least) a communications degree.

Consider This – You Only Need To Write To Be Considered A Writer

Attention all you validation seekers: if you can open up a Word document and put some words on the page then I dub thee a writer!  Now go forth and write! 

You just need to crack open your computer or journal and get your ideas down in written format consistently. That is the only thing that makes you a writer. You don’t need to be a grammar gangster or the punctuation police.

You have a unique story and perspective to share, so get busy sharing it. And don’t worry about your first attempts not sounding great. Just remember: every New York Times Best Selling Author has an editor and you can hire your own help too.

Fear #2 – I’m Not An Expert

It’s natural to look at those experts who are at “the top” of your industry because they are the most visible. But don’t get lost in comparing yourself or your book to others. Also, don’t feel intimidated by people who have been in your field longer than you. Because can I let you in on a big secret? You can position yourself in such a way that years of experience doesn’t have to matter when it comes to being considered an expert. 

Consider This – You Don’t Need To Feel Like An Expert To Write Your Book.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a line in his famous “I Have A Dream” speech which imagined his children judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. That idea can apply to your sense of expertise. 

Do you know your content or subject matter?  Do you know it better than the clients or people you serve? If so, guess what? That makes you an expert in their eyes. 

Expertise is relative. Someone will always know more than you on a particular subject matter. And you will always know more than someone else. As long as you have information that can help someone else who doesn’t know what you know, that is all the permission you need to write your book. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve had that knowledge or even how you acquired it. You will always be an expert to any beginners in your field and to most of your customers. 

Fear #3 – I Don’t Have Time To Write A Book

This particular fear is one I can relate to because I’ve used this excuse myself. I’m busy writing other people’s books, blogs, website copy and resumes for a living, so when do I have time to write my own books or blogs, right?

If you are experiencing any level of success right now in your career or business, then I know you are busy. You work all day and go home to deal with a spouse or partner, kids, their drama and activities. You might volunteer in your church or community. You might even be squeezing in some online courses. 

With all that going on, you are probably afraid that you’ll start working on your book, but all your other priorities will crowd out your time. You’re scared you’ll never finish your manuscript.

Consider This – Be Intentional About Your Time

Here’s the reality: without a finished manuscript, you won’t have a published book. Without a published book, you won’t be able to reap all the incredible benefits (like new leads, sales, speaking gigs, and partnership opportunities) that a book can bring you. 

So I am going to tell you what I said to myself which finally ignited my momentum and resulted in me getting ready to finish my manuscript and publish my book in 2019: 

“A better business is waiting for me on the other side of me publishing my book.” 

Your book won’t write itself. If you are serious about being a published author, you must dedicate time to getting it done. You have to be intentional about making it happen.  Even if you hire a ghostwriter, you still must commit some of your time to the process. You must get radical. Rearrange your schedule. Eliminate time wasters and use that time for writing. If you can focus for just a few weeks, you can complete a solid first draft.

Did you see yourself in any one of those three fears? Did you find what I shared helpful? If so (or not) leave me a comment below; I’ll respond. 

Don’t feel bad if I didn’t call your name above; I actually have 7 other common fears that people express to me which are holding them back from writing their book.  

I am publishing a book in a few months that will explore all 10 fears in more depth and provide mindset hacks and practical steps for overcoming them so you can finally write your book.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime, why not take a small but crucial first step in the writing of your book: solidify your idea by writing a title for your book. Having a strong title ready before you start writing will help keep your content on track. 

I’ve created a resource designed to help you plug-and-play your way to writing a book title that sells. It’s called 20 Killer Book Title Templates. Download it today for free and jumpstart your book! 

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