Your payment processed successfully and your on-demand coaching starts



Below are your instructions for connecting with your book writing coach and sending your first message!

Coaching Starts NOW via the Marco Polo Messaging App

  • Follow this link IMMEDIATELY to connect directly with Denise Renee on the video messaging app Marco Polo -
    • If you do not have the app already on your phone, please follow the prompts to download it.
    • The app is free to use the basic video messaging service.
    • Upgrading to the additional features is not required for your Unlimted Coaching Sessions.
  • Send your first message RIGHT NOW to Denise Renee. Time of day does NOT matter. 
    • Your first message confirms that you are connected to your coach and helps you get comfortable using the messaging app.
    • Your first message must be a simple one to two minute message which includes:
      • Your Name
      • The type of book you are writing
      • What challenge you are currently having with writing your book.
  • Anticipate a response message back from Denise Renee within a few hours.
    • Once you receive your response message back that confirms two-way communication has been established. You will now be free to send video messages with questions at any time. Recording time on Marco Polo is unlimited so be as detailed as you need to be!

Submitting Your Writing For Review

  • If you selected the pricing option which includes having your writing reviewed, please follow THIS LINK to upload your document for review immediately. 
  • Your coaching will begin officially begin once your coach has completed a reading and provides you with an assessment via the Marco Polo app. This may take 1 - 3 business days from the time you make your payment. 
  • If you make an upload via the link but have not paid the appropriate price, your upload will not be reviewed.