Momentum – Steps 2 & 3

Thank You!

Your payment for your Momentum Strategy Session has been successfully completed. Please follow steps #2 and #3 below to complete the booking process.

Step #2 – Select Your Time

  • Tap the “Select Your Time” button below to access Denise Renee’s calendar.
  • Select “Momentum Consulting Session.”
  • Pick the day/time combination within the next week that works best for you to have your one-hour Momentum Strategy Session.
  • Make note of the conference line information.

Step #3 – Complete The Pre-Service Questionnaire

By completing the following pre-service questionnaire, you will be giving Denise Renee critical information so she can best prepare to give you the maximum value during the session. Kindly allot 15 – 25 minutes of uninterrupted time to thoroughly answer each question.