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Why You Should Invest In The Writing Of Your Book

In today’s business circles, a book is the new business card. 

As an entrepreneur, executive, or established professional in your field, authoring a book makes a profound statement about your contributions to your industry. 

A book can help you create a new or grow an existing business or career because it can attract more leads, sales, influence, and opportunities for you. But only can only happen if you put out a quality product in the market place. 


Writing a Book Is a Series of Investments

Seasoned self and traditionally published authors know that writing a book is an investment of time and money. They (or their publisher) are usually prepared to invest in the quality of the writing, production, and promotion of their book. 

Many people are aware of the need to pay for book printing, cover design, and at least having the manuscript proofread before publication. But most are unfamiliar with the concept of investing in the writing of their book before the manuscript is completed. 

That’s because a lot of would-be authors assume that it is totally free to crack open their laptop and write whatever words flow through their minds. While that is technically true, you’ll want to consider getting assistance with the organization of your content and the flow of your prose, especially if writing isn’t your “thing.” 

Everyone dreams of the fountain of money that will start flowing in once their book is live on Amazon.com. But the content of your book is one of the factors that will influence sales. A poorly written book will perform like a slowly dripping faucet rather than a free flowing fountain. 

The reality is grammar errors, difficult readability, lack of clarity, or just poorly written pros will frustrate your reader. They will not view you in a positive light. In the end, a poorly written and presented book could actually repel the positive business building opportunities you desire and may tank your reputation before it has the chance to soar.

You should be concerned about creating a high-quality product because your book is your legacy. Your book is your representation of yourself, your brand, and your company. So don’t fall into the trap of looking for cheap services, especially if you plan to self-publish. And don’t ignore investing in the content of your book. 

3 Ways to Invest In The Writing of Your Book

As I mentioned before, most people are aware of the need for an editor to help polish the manuscript before it goes to print. But there are other ways to invest in writing of your book all throughout the process.

You can work with a structural editor or writing coach (way #1) at the onset of penning your manuscript. They can help you organize your thoughts and create a roadmap for your content. You might need a copyeditor at some point as well, before working with your proofreader. 

Another viable option is working with a ghostwriter (way #2). This is an ideal option for those who have a great book idea but lack the time, patience, or writing chops to bring that idea to life.  If you have more time than money to invest, consider taking writing courses (way #3) at your local community college or online so that you can shore up your own writing skills. 

When you select this option, be aware it might be a while before you feel ready to work on a book project. If you can afford it, investing in editors and/or a ghostwriter will help you shorten the time it will take you to make your book market ready. 

What do you think about the idea of investing in the writing of your book? Have a question about it? Leave me a comment below and I’ll respond. 

If you are confused by the different types of editing, you might need for your book, stay tuned. I plan on breaking that down in a future content piece. If you’d like to find out more about how I can help you in your book writing process as a ghostwriter, writing coach, or editor, feel free to book a complimentary “Needs Assessment” appointment with me. 

Not ready for a conversation but would still like to take a small but crucial first step towards writing your book? I invite you to check out 20 Killer Book Title Templates. It’s a free ebook that will help you quickly create fill-in-the-blank easy titles that are proven to sell.  Download it today at http://writeyourbook.tips/titles.

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