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Your Ideas. Your Voice. Your Book.

Ghostwriting services allows you all the benefits of being a published author without the stress of doing all the writing yourself!  At the outset of each project, I spend quality time with my authors to get to know your personality, passions, and principles so I can write in your authentic voice. In the end, you will hold in your hands the book you would have written yourself if you had the time, patience, and/or writing know-how to do it alone!

Exclusivity and Capacity

It’s important to note that I am a boutique writing and consulting firm. I only work with 3 or 4 well suited ghostwriting clients per year. To help me give each of my authors the highest level of service and keep their projects on schedule, I employ a team that consists of an assistant writer, two editors, and a transcriptionist. I am, however, your lead writer and only point of contact throughout the writing process.

My Ghostwriting Process

The ghostwriting process is intense and is customized to each client I work with. However, there is a standard series of steps that I lead everyone through.

  • STEP 1: BRAIN DUMP – Initial 1-day intensive strategy session for determining the purpose of the book, establishing target audience, clarifying major themes, and developing a preliminary outline of your content.
  • STEP 2: AUTHOR INTERVIEWS – Weekly author interview sessions are conducted via recorded phone conference to elicit detailed content that belongs in the book. The interviews are transcribed and organized.
  • STEP 3: SKETCH– A sketch version of the book is created. This is an outline “on steroids” or a “pre” first-draft. It will contain chapter titles and a summary of the content planned for it. This typically happens simultaneously with Step 2. It is an opportunity for the author to get an early idea of how the final book will look.
  • STEP 4: FIRST DRAFT – From the sketch, a full first draft of the manuscript will be completed. This is typically the longest part of the writing phase.
  • STEP 5: REVIEW SESSIONS – Once the first draft is completed, we will return to having weekly sessions to review each chapter’s content. The author will provide their feedback and direction. 
  • STEP 6: REWRITES – As a result of the author’s feedback, rewrites will be performed to create a new, updated version of the manuscript. We will repeat steps 5 and 6 until the author is 100% satisfied.
  • STEP 7: FINAL DRAFT – Once the rewrites are approved, the manuscript will undergo line editing by the lead writer which will produce the final draft.  
  • STEP 8: EDITING – The final draft will undergo another round of line editing by a secondary editor.
  • STEP 9: PROOFREADING – The edited final draft will then be proofread by a tertiary editor. Once your manuscript has been proofread, it is ready to be submitted to your printer or publisher and our process is completed.  

Timeframe and Extra Services

Depending on the author’s clarity on the book’s concept, the target length, and how much rewriting is required, a book ghostwriting project can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months to produce a print-ready manuscript.

I typically work with authors who want to self-publish their books. I am often asked if I have connections with book agents and major publishing houses. The answer is no. However, I do help all my authors put a general strategy in place for their books so they can accomplish their goals, including attracting a publishing deal for their next book.

Included in your ghostwriting service is my guidance on the self-publishing process. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • General advice on self-publishing and your options.
  • General advice on book formatting.
  • Guidance on setting up an account in your name with the Library of Congress online and online filing of your copyright paperwork. You will own your copyright and will maintain your own account.
  • Guidance on securing an ISBN number and barcode for your book that you will own (if self-publishing).

Once we have delivered your print-ready manuscript, our ghostwriting service agreement will be fulfilled. It is up to you to enter the self-publishing process on your own or to turn your completed manuscript over to the publisher you are working with.

However: if you plan to self-publishing and need help managing the logistics, we can enter a separate service agreement to help you administrate that process.

Your Investment

The investment to have me ghostwrite your book is $25,000.00, which can be paid in installments.

Inquire About Ghostwriting

Please use the contact form below to tell me about your project and the initial questions you have. You will be invited to schedule a complimentary pre-service consultation.


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