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Need an editor for your manuscript? Are you confused by the different types of editing available? Are you afraid of escalating costs? You are on the right page to get clarity before making any decisions!


Editing is a process that usually requires several cycles (or rounds) of revisions. Your manuscript could potentially undergo three different types of editing:

  • Proofreading
  • Copy (or Line) Editing
  • Developmental (or Structural) Editing

It is not uncommon for a manuscript to require several rounds of different types of editing. Therefore, it is important to keep this in mind as you budget for editing services.

Keep reading below to learn more about the different types of editing available to you and our costs for these services.

What Is Proofreading?

When proofreading, your editor will check for proper use of punctuation, spelling mistakes, typographical errors, and basic grammar usage. Your editor may make simple word choice replacements or eliminations for clarity and correctness.

Proofreading is the last phase of preparing your manuscript for publishing. Proofreading typically occurs after your manuscript has undergone one or more rounds of copy editing. Ideally, proofreading should only occur once and no more changes to the manuscript should be made after it is completed.

Proofreading is typically the fastest and least expensive type of editing. Depending on the length of your manuscript, your proofreader could potentially finish your project in about one to two weeks. 

What Is Copy Editing?

When copy (or line) editing, your editor will provide an in-depth, line-by-line analysis of your manuscript. Your editor will revise and rewrite for clarity and readability. Your editor will check for word choices (a. k. a. diction) and grammar usage, which includes correcting errors in verb tense agreement, syntax, and redundancy.

Your editor will also aim to create consistency in your overall style, tone of voice, and clarity of thought with and in-between chapters. Pricing for one round of copy editing typically reflects the detailed nature of the work. It is not uncommon for a manuscript to require more than one round of copy editing.

Included in the pricing of www.WriteYourBook.tips’ copy editing services is time for author/editor consultations. These consultations allow the duo to communicate effectively and regularly about the flow and results of the project as it progresses.

Depending on the length of your manuscript and the rewrites necessary, your editor may require a month or more to complete your project.

What Is Structural Editing?

When providing you with structural or developmental editing, your editor will collaborate with you to clarify the overall structure and content of your book. Issues you will discuss include the book’s theme, main points, chapter organization, and chapter structure. Your editor may also provide guidance on tone & voice.

It is best to begin working with a developmental editor at the outset of the book writing process (also known as writing coaching). When engaged as an editorial service for an already completed manuscript draft, your editor will provide in-depth reorganization and rewriting (sometimes, ghostwriting). 

Included in the pricing of www.WriteYourBook.tips’ structural editing services is time for author/editor consultations. These consultations allow the duo to communicate effectively and regularly about the flow and results of the project as it progresses.

Structural or developmental editing is very involved and is the most expensive type of editing.  Your project may take two or more months to complete, depending on the condition of your manuscript.

Please note that after receiving structural edits, your revised manuscript will still require at least one round of copy editing and proofreading prior to going to print.


Please note: If an author makes changes to a manuscript that has completed a round of editing and wishes the www.WriteYourBook.tips editor to review and/or fix those changes, the author will be billed at $50.00 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours.


Know Exactly How Much Editing Your Manuscript Needs In Advance…

Get an Editorial Assessment!

Sometimes self-published authors select the wrong type of editing for their project simply because they haven’t been properly educated about the true condition of their manuscript. Hopefully, the education provided above has been helpful to you.

Before starting all editorial projects, www.WriteYourBook.tips’ performs an Editorial Assessment. It is an objective opinion of how much help your manuscript currently needs.

Here’s what you’ll receive with our Editorial Assessment:

  • A thorough reading of your manuscript/draft/document.
  • Identification of what is working well and what needs further development or changes. 
  • An assessment of what type of editing is required for your current manuscript.
  • An MP3 recording detailing our findings.
  • A sample edit of up to 3 pages so you have an example of what types of changes will be made to your document.
  • A written summary of the main points of the assessment, along with a formal quote for our editorial services, based on the above-noted editing rates.

Upon receiving your editorial assessment, you will be well informed about the state of your manuscript. You will also have information that you can use to compare the services of other independent editors.

Included in your editorial assessment will be a quote for www.WriteYourBook.tips services. Should you choose to move forward with us, your quote will reflect a deduction of a portion of your Editorial Assessment fee (up to $500, based on the price you paid).

You may also choose to use the Editorial Assessment as a stand-alone service to help you decide which editor to work with or to get a second opinion on an already edited document.

Ready To Request Editing Services?

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