Copy Coach

Do you want to earn more money from your digital marketing assets?

  • Want catchier email subject lines that get opened more frequently?
  • Need attention-grabbing social media posts that inspires engagement?
  • Do you need your blog posts to generate new sales leads?
  • Is your newsletter not connecting with your audience?
  • Do you need to sell tickets to an event?
  • Are you trying to sell a product or service on a landing page?
  • Trying to convince people to sign up for your email list?
  • Could your proposals and business letters be more engaging?

Then you know you need a copywriter.

A copywriter is someone who specializes in understanding buyer psychology and can inspire buying behaviors through the power of written words.

But experienced copywriters who can help you improve the amount of prospect leads you generate and the revenue you earn from your digital marketing efforts don’t come cheap.

Blog posts and articles can cost $300 and more each. Lead capture and sales pages will easily run you $1,000 – $5,000 each. And don’t ask a sales-focused copy wizard to write each of your social media posts for you. Can you imagine asking for 10 pre-written posts per week?

If you have visited my copywriting services page and you felt intimidated by the pricing because you didn’t set aside a budget for a quality copywriter, I do have an alternative for you to consider.

Hire a proven copywriter to show you EXACTLY what to tweak so you can extract more leads and sales from your marketing collateral… without paying full price!

Have you ever taken advantage of an offer that had a trial period?

Were you given a certain amount of days to enjoy a heap of benefits?

That’s exactly what Copy Coach is like.

Depending on the level you chose, the Copy Coach service allows you to either receive feedback, editing, and/or rewrites on your preexisting content. There is even an option where I’ll write the copy for you.

Copy Coach is not a recurring service. Once you pick your service level and submit payment, you have 30 days to enjoy the benefits listed in any combination indicated.

If you need more help, sign up for another 30 days, the following month, several months later, or whenever you wish.

There are three service levels to choose from:

  • Copy Coach Lite – $1,000
  • Copy Coach – $2,500
  • Copy Coach Ultimate – $5,500

So gather up all your digital marketing needs and get ready to have them revised, refreshed, or written in short order!

Here’s what you get in the Copy Coach packages…

  • INCLUDED IN COPY COACH LITE: (Investment: $1,000)
    • Up to 30 social media posts reviewed (up to 1,000 words each)
    • Up to 2 social media profile reviewed
    • Up to 10 email messages/newsletters reviewed (to 1,500 words each)
    • Up to 2 business letter/proposal reviewed (to 5,000 words each)
    • Up to 5 blog posts/articles reviewed (to 2,500 words each)
    • Up to 5 web content/info pages reviewed (to 5,000 words)
      • Your pieces will be reviewed. You will be given feedback and specific guidance on how you can revise the pieces yourself.
        • You should submit your content pieces fully written to the best of your ability.
        • Feedback is given via downloadable MP3 audio messages.
        • Feedback includes specific rewriting suggestions, sample phrasing, and an explanation of the rationale.
        • You will perform your own rewrites based on the feedback given.
        • You may submit your rewrites for only one more round of feedback.

  • INCLUDED IN COPY COACH: (Investment: $2,500.00)
    • Up to 30 social media posts edited (up to 1,000 words each)
    • Up to 2 social media profiles edited
    • Up to 10 email messages/newsletters edited (to 1,500 words each)
    • Up to 2 business letters/proposals edited (to 5,000 words each)
    • Up to 5 blog posts/articles edited (to 2,500 words each)
    • Up to 5 web content/info pages edited (to 5,000 words)
    • One lead generation/squeeze page edited (to 5,000 words)
    • One sales page/event page edited (to 5,000 words)
      • One round of copy editing and/or rewriting per piece.
        • If you make changes after an edited or rewritten work was submitted to you and you wish to have your changes re-edited, you will be billed $150.00 per hour per piece, with a two-hour minimum charge.

  • INCLUDED IN COPY COACH ULTIMATE: (Investment: $5,500.00)
    • Up to 30 social media posts/ads written for you
    • Up to 1 social media profiles created or rewritten for you
    • Up to 5 email messages/newsletters written for you
    • Up to 1 business letter/proposal written for you
    • Up to 4 blog posts/articles written for you
    • Up to 5 web content/info pages written for you
    • One sales/lead generation/event page written for you

Your Copy Coach is ready to help you NOW!

Your Copy Coach is ready when you are!

Your 30-days of service starts on the day your payment is received.

The Copy Coach service is flexible.

There is no recurring billing. You can purchase a 30-day period whenever you need assistance.

If you are ready to get started, tap your desired service level below to make your payment. After completing your secured purchase via PayPal, you will be directed to a page where you can upload the first documents you’d like to have worked on.



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